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Why get pierced with us?

Kristina has over 20 years of professional piercing experience. Only using titanium and 14k gold/24k gold. We assure you of a hypoallergenic experience. The process is quick and gentle with all equipment serilized on site.  Piercing prices are listed below, base jewelry included. Aftercare or gold can be purchaced for an additional cost if needed and aftercare instructions along with your piercing information is given to every client. APP guidelines are the standard. 

Marissa has officially completed the hours needed for training and can complete most piercings.  She has done more than 600 hours of training so far and has experience with most general piercings. 

Our clean area is equipped with a stainless steel sink for isolated contaminates. Our equipment is sterilized using a Tuttnauer large batch autoclave or our Statim 2000 small batch autoclave. All equipment is new, up to date and maintained at hospital grade level.  

All autoclaves are spore tested regularly and dates can be provided if requested. Spore tests are displayed in shop.  

Consent can only be given for body piercing for age 16 and above and requires photo ID for both parties, parent and child. All piercings require an appointment.


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